Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to find the best deal for your money

Finding this season's hit jewelry without taking a hit to your wallet:

I am often asked how I find such lovely jewelry for under $2. For one, it's called You should really use it. A lot of the cheaper stuff is shipped from China and will take 4-6 weeks to pass customs to get to your address. This isn't to say that the items themselves are made cheap, but that they are inexpensive in themselves.  I think of it as cutting out the middle man, and not paying overhead for that same item in the US at a 400% mark-up.
 For example: I managed to score this cool  vintage style Steam-punk necklace for $3.34. Now, to have that SAME exact necklace to be shipped from the US in 5 days approximately $15, including the shipping rate. Another one I had found was $40.
I'm on the sort of budget where I can wait in order to save over $10. 

One of my favorite sellers on Amazon is NiceEShop. Again, all the stuff ships out of China, and again, I view it as cutting out the middleman, because that middleman is obviously making more money than I am.
I'm not saying I don't support the American Dream of making more more, but if a business is marking up an item they bought out of China  so they are making, at most, $37 per item, I think I'll just wait for the item out of China, thanks.

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