Friday, October 12, 2012

Bullying trends.

I have watched so many news reports on the effects of bullying. The children that die because they can't take it anymore. The peers that encourage their deaths and demise. I watch the youtube videos of the souls that are lost. The cruel comments for these users to just take their own lives and to stop annoying everyone.

These are children.

Our children.

And the only thing that is being done is for everyone to look on in shock and horror. Laws are put into place to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Silence is a code of conduct. Hate and cruelty are a rite of passage.

People die everyday, they say. But she shouldn't have died. He didn't have to die. They could be standing right there, in front of you. Lives are taken away because human empathy is taken out of the equation.

Love is unconditional. Hatred is learned. 

We, as parents, as peers, as teachers, need to understand that we are letting others know that it is okay for this to happen. That they deserved what they got. That nothing will be done if this continues. That they will be punished if they fight back. 

Then one day, they snap. The fear of Columbine far in the past is re-visited. A parent comes home to their dead child.

News reporters waiting outside to interview the schools, parents, teachers, and students. Investigations, trials, convictions and scapegoating, and new laws. 

But in the end, they are all gone. Forever. Because no one stood up. No one ever does in these situations.

Remember: It only takes one person to stand up. It only takes one person to save a life. Be that person.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What living in Great Lakes has taught me

Being here for the last three years has been an interesting experience.  It has taught me a couple of things that I would have never learned if not for the fact that I moved here with my husband on orders. Here are some of them:

1) Your neighbors don't know you. They will not talk to you unless they work with you in some capacity or another.
2) Apparently, wives looked down on you if you work.
3)The wives look down on you if you discipline your children.
4) Some wives look down on you because your children are not silent.
5) The cops will be called over stupid things, but will never actually show up for important things (like a car break-in)
6) Your car will be broken into.
7) Housing will play down the break-ins. They will say the majority of break-ins are done on unlocked vehicles.
8) When you say that your car was locked at a town meeting, you will be called a liar.
9) When someone's car is actually stolen from Housing, it will also be downplayed as an unlocked vehicle.
10) Trick or treating is done at inconvenient hours when most people are just getting off work.
11) We have some of the worst schools in the nation.
12) Some people are just born angry.
13) Some people are just born angry drivers.
14) Some people are just born angry drivers who see the cop parked in a corner and speed anyway.
15) Sometimes, it isn't the spouses who are entitled, it's the military personnel. Don't treat the civilian like crap just because they're civilian, it will get you nowhere in life.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avoiding responsbility

You know you're bad at paying bills when you set up a phone line just to avoid debt collectors. However, one should not set up said phone line so that it will ring throughout the house and sent to an answering machine that is loud enough for guests to hear. That is not only annoying, it should be embarrassing. (And might I add, yet another bill to pay).
You see, the financial world has this nifty thing called a budget. A budget can help you manage your income, spending and debt in a neat, orderly way of understanding where your money is going. I like to put mine in a pie chart that's color coded. Apparently, I am a minority of americans that like to do this. Because you know, money grows on trees.
If you really, REALLY, want that item that is staring at you through the window glass of the shop, please for the love of all that is holy, do NOT open a line of credit or apply for a store credit card. Save up for it. Credit is the reason this country is going under. Too many people owe too many companies too much money.
Sure, that diamond ring looks gorgeous and you really needed that 50" LED 3D HDTV for the games, but was it really worth it when you had to sell them three months later just to pay the rent? If you said yes, please do not breed. You are the very thing that is wrong with America.

There is no nice way of saying it.

I have tried to ignore the trends I see. I even tried to be the voice of reason to some of my friends and/or family. Sometimes, their wants overcome their needs, or their lesser judgement gets the better of them. But most of the time, it's just plain old greed and vanity.