Monday, October 8, 2012

What living in Great Lakes has taught me

Being here for the last three years has been an interesting experience.  It has taught me a couple of things that I would have never learned if not for the fact that I moved here with my husband on orders. Here are some of them:

1) Your neighbors don't know you. They will not talk to you unless they work with you in some capacity or another.
2) Apparently, wives looked down on you if you work.
3)The wives look down on you if you discipline your children.
4) Some wives look down on you because your children are not silent.
5) The cops will be called over stupid things, but will never actually show up for important things (like a car break-in)
6) Your car will be broken into.
7) Housing will play down the break-ins. They will say the majority of break-ins are done on unlocked vehicles.
8) When you say that your car was locked at a town meeting, you will be called a liar.
9) When someone's car is actually stolen from Housing, it will also be downplayed as an unlocked vehicle.
10) Trick or treating is done at inconvenient hours when most people are just getting off work.
11) We have some of the worst schools in the nation.
12) Some people are just born angry.
13) Some people are just born angry drivers.
14) Some people are just born angry drivers who see the cop parked in a corner and speed anyway.
15) Sometimes, it isn't the spouses who are entitled, it's the military personnel. Don't treat the civilian like crap just because they're civilian, it will get you nowhere in life.

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